Happy New Year for Studio Albert Romagosa
Breaking the internet for Hplus
T-shirt for Nike Box Barcelona
Aphrodite for Mythology series
Hedonism for Eight Eight
Morocco Series
Cronos & Rhea for Mythology Series
tiago majuelos vice 6 cosas españa illustration
Extranjeros nos cuentan qué no les gusta de España en seis palabras for Vice
Theodora Portrait for Calling Magazine
An Odyssey for New York Times
Natasha Grand Portrait for Folch Insights
"Disseny de Mobiliary" Book for Guillem Ferran
rejected project for Querida
Water Boy for Boldtron
Editorial for O Creative Studio
Ettore Sottsass
(B)eat The Rich for MixMag
Atlas for Mythology Series
Big Canvas for Nike
20 años de Una semana en el motor de un autobús for Indiespot
Internet God Vases
Zeus & The Titans War for Mythology Series
Magritte Portrait
Hermes for Mythology Series
Phrenology Card for Monikers
Black Cat
Apolo for Mythology series
Apollo and Daphne for Odiseo
Morocco Series