Kids SS24 Animation for Etnia
Kids SS24 Animation for Etnia
Kids SS24 Animation for ETNIA
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The Evolution of the Swoosh for Nike
Fanzine for Bacoa
Quarentine Mood
happy new Year 2020
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Cereal Horoscope for Bon appétit
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Lonesome Friends of Science Video for Jon Prine
I got it (all roght here) cover for Niña
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Shopping bags for Urban Outfitters
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Aprhodite & Ares Romance Print for Shop
Hello USA for Pull&Bear
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The Future of Internet
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Hello USA for Pull&Bear
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Morocco Series
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Brussels Sprout for DashDoor
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Cronos & Rhea for Mythology Series
An Odyssey for New York Times
"Disseny de Mobiliary" Book for Guillem Ferran
GOD is a woman
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Ettore Sottsass
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Life in Plastic
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Morocco Series